Makeovers & Startups

This is a part of our business where we work selectively with people who are embarking on a new venture and are ready to drive things forward with another level of online marketing.

The nice thing about this is we keep connected with some really fun and ‘interesting’ businesses, and we’re able to offer our combined marketing and technology expertise to look at things from a different perspective.

Working with ‘Makeovers’ and ‘Startups’ can be highly creative, but also requires a lot of energy and commitment. And importantly we need to continue doing the right thing for the people we work with. For this reason we have committed to working on only a handful of projects at any one time. Additionally, we may contribute to different stages of a project, and if we believe a business needs a different level of assistance, outside of the etradinggroup’s skill set we’ll make this known.. and call in the cavalry! Check out a sample of our work.

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