Success Stories

Sometimes, when words are not enough (and you just can’t find any), you know the time is right to pass it over to rent-a-crowd to share your story.

So in their words (mostly), here are some kind words.

Rent-A-Crowd #1:

I really like what ETradingGroup have done for me. When I started my business I wanted to get things up and running as quickly and as easily as possible whilst achieving a quality result. ETradingGroup offer more than just the ability to build websites, it’s the marketing insights and knowing how to link it back to a business that really makes the difference. I would recommend ETradingGroup to anyone getting started.” Manuel Affarian, Business Owner

Rent-A-Crowd #2:

“I don’t know too much about this internet stuff, but I think I’m getting the hang of it. What you really want is just to get your name out there. ETradingGroup are pretty good as they got me up and running without too much fuss. They’re good people”. Drew Norman, Business Owner

Our Response: “Drew’s a top bloke too. We worked together to get things just right. Though when needed we can be tough on our clients. For example, we’ll draw the line if asked to add in things we know we really shouldn’t, e.g “a great Sandblasting crew led by the fastest man ever to have played touch footy (don’t think so), able to climb Mount Everest with his eyes closed (ah haa) …things like that”.

Rent-A-Crowd #3:

We are thrilled to have the professionalism and expertise of eTrading Group to assist us in updating a very old site. The patience and knowledge given to us who really are not very computer literate has been wonderful.” Pat & Roger Housley, Business Owners

And every now and again we receive little updates from Pat…

“Well the company is on Facebook.  I have already had feedback on the products and an inquiry.  Absolutely inundated with orders, I think our brand name is getting around.  Just got more today and will certainly end on a high for the last month of the financial year!”

Important Legal Disclaimer: Please don’t hold us accountable if you spotted any typo’s in the above, however each of these testimonials can be verified by their owners.

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