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Take a look at, a real-time search aggregator which helps job seekers search for information across a number of the most popular job sites in Australia. This was built by Howie one of the founding Directors at ETradingGroup and a true Tech guru.

What is search aggregation you ask? Well here’s the official, unofficial version from Wikipedia, and see if you can figure it out.

“A search aggregator typically allows users to select specific search engines ad-hoc to perform a specified query. At the time the user enters the query into the Search Aggregator, it generates the required URL “on the fly” by inserting the search query into the parameterized URL for the search feed.”

As you can see the alljobs aggregator searches for information from each of the various job sites. Alljobs is a ‘real- time’ search engine, which has benefits to the end-user (the job searcher gets to see job postings as instantaneously as they are posted on each of the contributing sites) and there are benefits for the provider (‘real-time’ search downloading puts less pressure on servers as requests are downloaded throughout the day, rather than one large download at a certain point in time).

Some of the search aggregator sites people may be familiar with include, or who each use various forms of search aggregation. Whilst the area of search aggregation is becoming more competitive there are still a high number of untapped opportunities.


And by the way, if you get a the AllJobs app too!

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