Website Analytics

There is a plethora of information on the net in regards to web tracking and analytics for your website. For a no fuss, and free software tracking approach then it is hard to go past Google Analytics.

Where we get involved is in the integration and establishment of the Google Analytics platform into your website. This includes the integration of a google tracking code and any custom support, guidance or advice that is required. Strategically there is a significant amount of information in here that could benefit your business. For example;

  • * How long are people staying on your site?
  • * Which pages attracted the most traffic?
  • * What are your sources of traffic?
  • * Do you have visitor loyalty?

These are just a few ways that integrating a web analytics program into your website can assist. If you would like our assistance on this then please let us know.

  • Website analytics for beginners

    A plain and simple guide to analytics: Interpreting & Acting on your Google Analytics Data