Online Advertising

Google adwords is one of the most common forms of pay-per-click advertising.

The Google adword model is based on only paying for the ads that people click on. Based on this model you could either be the winner (with lots of clicks leading through to enquiries and sales), or on the flipside you could see significant leakage in that precious marketing budgets of yours.

There is both art and science involved in setting up an effective marketing campaign. No one can promise that the campaign they set up for you will maximise your marketing spend to the nth degree. However, we do recommend you handle this process with an initial round of trial and testing. This will allow you to zone in on your target and create campaigns that get the results you want.

When starting your Google adwords campaign it is advisable that you always start with a process of research and keyword definition. Begin with a number of test campaigns and set an initial budget that you're comfortable testing with. Once you understand the online market your competing in then you can start fine tuning your campaigns in order to maximise the effectiveness of your marketing dollar and driving traffic to your business.


1. Split campaigns to be more targeted

2. Stop underperforming keywords which are wasting money and add new keywords (from research) to be more targeted

3. Make sure campaigns are location targeted (for local business)

4. Potentially add negative keywords to increase CTR (click through rate) that will in turn minimise cost


Facebook Advertising

Facebook can help you reach and target new audiences and can effectively help you build an alternative low cost sales channel. You can identify strategies to help get a return on your marketing efforts and dollar, including offering exclusive deals and promotions, staying in contact with your target audience and promoting timely offers or targeting new groups within a defined demographic and interest set.

There a 4 key steps to follow:

1. Build a Facebook page

2. Connect to fans with ads

3. Engage fans with great content

4. Reach & influence the friends of fans

LinkedIn Promotions

LinkedIn provides a self-service advertising solution similar to that of Google and Facebook. You can specify the LinkedIn target audience via filters such as job title, job function, industry, geography, age, gender, company name, company size or LinkedIn Group. Your advertising budget is controlled by setting a budget and following the pay per click or impressions model.

1. Open an account

2. Create your ad

3. Define your target audience

4. Set your budget

As part of your overall marketing strategy if you would like help getting started then please do not hesitate to contact us to see how we can help.

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