Email Marketing

Setting up an email marketing process campaign can be one of those overlooked but under utilised marketing tools.

You've set up your business and the doors are open - check! You've set up your website and and people can navigate their way around it - check!

But what next....

Enter the world of Email Marketing. It's time to get out there with an offer and start delivering value to your clients.

If you would like to start this process yourself, armed with your D.I.Y knowledge, then it's all here like an open book.

However (and perhaps this should be top of your list) if you would like us to start this process with you, we can begin working on a plan. There are a number of things that will need to be considered that only an experienced developer & designer will pick up on and who can help turn your email marketing into a success.

If you would like a strategist, designer or developer assigned to this challenge then please feel free to contact us at ETradingGroup so we can establish a plan.

  • Email Marketing Tips

    A step-step guide on successful email marketing. Take a look at these simple tips and reminders of things you can do to build your database, increase awareness and close & convert.