Multi-Site Web Development

Multi-Site Web Development

Posted by (0) Comment September 14th, 2009

As complicated and long winded this statement may sound “multi-site web development“, it’s actually a fairly simple concept.

You see, in the land of website development, when you see a good thing, why only build it once. Why not develop a program that will let you replicate that ‘good thing’ and get it to market in a cost-effective and value adding way. We’re fortunate enough to have launched, and we’ll be taking this to the NZ market soon when we launch

By way of background, here’s the story… in recent months, I’ve been renovating, coffee-ing, renovating, and doing a bit more coffee-ing (well..only some of the time!). I’ve also noted that a huge number of directories have been launched or re-branded to help people like me find a tradie, get a quote, or pinpoint a tradie in my local area. All of the services are very useful for a renovator or homebuilder, for example,,,, or in NZ or! You should check these out.

However, when you do have a look through these directories you’ll see that a high number of tradies do not have their own websites. Unfortunately, these are the ones that may not get a second viewing from the growing number of people who use the internet to develop short-lists.

A number of tradies who are top-class in their chosen field may get overlooked because they’re not making the best use of available marketing tools. Perhaps they’re too busy, so that makes sense, however a business tool such as a website, or some form of online presence that a business ‘owns’ will become a standard tool of the trade.

It is time for businesses to take control of their destiny and build their own online presence. We hope we can help…