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Here’s a snapshot of what CEO’s think of this “thing” called social media and the impact on their business.

The data, recently released by IBM is based on the views of 1,700 CEO’s across 64 countries and in a nutshell it highlights that the king pins of business are not as ivory towered as one may think.

Currently 16% of CEO’s use social media as a primary way to interact with customers, but over the next 3-5 years they predict this will increase to a whopping 57%. Face-face and sales force interactions are currently the No.1 platform for customer interaction (at 80%), but this drops slightly to 60%. The largest decline in customer engagement over the next 3-5 years is predicted to be in traditional media, dropping back from 39% to 15%.

There is already a little eye brow raising over this “thing” called social media and with a few shouting “get me some of that!” vs “agghh too hard”. However it does feel like the rallying has already begun as CEO’s, business owners and those fronting your sales and marketing look beyond the traditional to new ways of doing things. I can raise my hand (ever so cautiously of course) to vouch for the fact that the effective use of social media can be a superb opportunity to create meaningful engagement between your brand and your customers and perhaps even more powerfully between customer-to-customer.

Take a look at this infographic and see if you agree.

Source:  IBM - A study of 1,700 CEO’s in 64 countries

CEO's view of social media


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