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Super Special Projects

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What a combination!

We’ve been doing a little research in this area. It started with a renovation project. Then moved onto things breaking down, a little fix here, a total replacement over there. And wooohhh, something stuck out like a big fat verbial of a proverbial.

Why is there such a gap in businesses who are not yet online?

To be fair (and after a lot more research)… aka… Drew, Roddy, Peter, Michael, Brita… and the list goes on… there are a myriad of reasons. For example, some of these businesses are just too darned busy. Oh no, they don’t want to be contacted. Yet on balance there are a large number who have been sitting on their domain names (under lock and key) for some time now and haven’t ‘quite’ got around to it.

Hmm… so let us problem solve a little. Okay, so we’ve whipped up a little package, something to take away the pain, and bring on the gain. We’re working on getting our clients out of the starting blocks.

Now this is only round 1 mind you… our little team have been working on a few add-on’s and a few ‘make my life easy’ solutions.

Let’s get started with


What happens when you bring the girls together?

Great things, many things. For this project the ladies pooled their ideas, enthusiasm and commitment to raise money for four very special organisations.

This is all not-for-profit work. All time = free. The result = priceless.

* NSW Womens Refuge
* Australian Lung Foundation in association with the Kylie Johnston Lung Cancer Network
* Jannawi Family Centre
* Early Psyhcosis Programme – Bondi Community Health Centre

It’s a little social project. The sort of thing that happens when you get a bunch of girls together, a little collaboration, a lot of love.

Here here for Shoes In the City! Visit – website courtesy of eTradingGroup

If you’d like to talk to us about your super special, super secret, revolutionalise the world project, please feel free to give us a call or send an email through. Did we mention that we have a team of secret secrets waiting to be tapped on the shoulder for the right project?