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Search Aggregation

Posted by (0) Comment September 14th, 2009

What is search aggregation you ask? Well here’s the official, unofficial version from Wikipedia, and see if you can figure it out.

“A search aggregator typically allows users to select specific search engines ad-hoc to perform a specified query. At the time the user enters the query into the Search Aggregator, it generates the required URL “on the fly” by inserting the search query into the parameterized URL for the search feed.”

Did you get that? Alternatively, why don’t you have a look at the job aggregator that Howie built 7 years ago – He was quite a pioneer back then, whilst still in school (ahh…no, he was a bit older than that!).

As you can see the alljobs aggregator searches for information from each of the various job sites. Alljobs is a ‘real- time’ search engine, which has benefits to the end-user (the job searcher gets to see job postings as instantaneously as they are posted on each of the contributing sites) and there are benefits for the provider (‘real-time’ search downloading puts less pressure on servers as requests are downloaded throughout the day, rather than one large download at a certain point in time).

Some of the search aggregator sites people may be familiar with include, or who each use various forms of search aggregation.

In recent months we’ve given a facelift (thank you marketing), and whilst the area of search aggregation is becoming more competitive there are still a high number of untapped opportunities.

Multi-Site Web Development

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As complicated and long winded this statement may sound “multi-site web development“, it’s actually a fairly simple concept.

You see, in the land of website development, when you see a good thing, why only build it once. Why not develop a program that will let you replicate that ‘good thing’ and get it to market in a cost-effective and value adding way. We’re fortunate enough to have launched, and we’ll be taking this to the NZ market soon when we launch

By way of background, here’s the story… in recent months, I’ve been renovating, coffee-ing, renovating, and doing a bit more coffee-ing (well..only some of the time!). I’ve also noted that a huge number of directories have been launched or re-branded to help people like me find a tradie, get a quote, or pinpoint a tradie in my local area. All of the services are very useful for a renovator or homebuilder, for example,,,, or in NZ or! You should check these out.

However, when you do have a look through these directories you’ll see that a high number of tradies do not have their own websites. Unfortunately, these are the ones that may not get a second viewing from the growing number of people who use the internet to develop short-lists.

A number of tradies who are top-class in their chosen field may get overlooked because they’re not making the best use of available marketing tools. Perhaps they’re too busy, so that makes sense, however a business tool such as a website, or some form of online presence that a business ‘owns’ will become a standard tool of the trade.

It is time for businesses to take control of their destiny and build their own online presence. We hope we can help…

Fundraising Websites

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We love to give and this is our way of contributing to really great causes. Here’s an example of something we built earlier this year –

It’s a simple concept, and currently being used by many of the larger fundraising organisations. We believe there is greater potential for people running events or fundraising to build simple websites to promote their activities. From the very beginning you can shout out to the world (or perhaps your local area) that you’re fundraising and are looking for people to rally around. And secondly, you’ll be able to say a huge thank you to your sponsors by getting their names out there. My theory is I’m sure you’ll have no problems seeking sponsorship for that next venture.

We’ve developed a prototype, such as this one – – and we would be more than happy to show our support to other non-profit or local area fundraisers.

If you have something you’re working on, feel free to drop us a note and we’ll see if we can help. My only caution is that if we have hundreds and thousands, millions and zillions of requests then we may need to list these out in our little black book (old fashioned style) and prioritise. But if we can’t help then I’m sure we could search for other connections that might want to put up their hand to assist.

Makeovers & Startups

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This is a smaller part of our business where we work selectively with people who are embarking on a new venture or have decided that they’re ready to take the world of online just a little more seriously.

The nice thing about this is we keep connected with some really fun and ‘interesting’ businesses, and we’re able to offer our combined marketing and technology expertise to look at things from a different perspective.

One thing that’s really exciting has been our involvement in the development of a SecretDining business. Lucky us, we’ve been involved since concept development stages – which, reading between the lines – means a few dinners and taste testing nights! It’s been kept very underground at the moment but I’ll keep you posted on this one.

In a very different area, we’re working with a small business who are going to take their passion global. Their existing website is very very old, and very very clunky, so we’ve been working together to find a good value, effective way of smartening this up and making the website work harder for them (i.e sell product). Now drumroll please, we’ve released their brand new website – Dog-e-Style !

Working with ‘Makeovers’ and ‘Startups’ can be highly creative, but also requires a lot of energy and commitment. And importantly we need to continue doing the right thing for the people we work with. For this reason we have committed to working on only a handful of projects at any one time. Additionally, we may contribute to different stages of a process (i.e taste testing for the SecretDining business!), but if we believe a business needs a different level of assistance, outside of the etradinggroup’s skill set we will make this known.